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Do we really need the entire original cast in the lead? I don't think so and am going to be bold and remove it. SGGH ping! 19:47, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

Bare URLs[edit]

Can the Bare URLs box at the top page be removed? I have removed all of those on the page. Hcurtis (talk) 16:46, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

124 Emmy nominations[edit]

123 Emmy nominations is not correct! Including season 15, ER got 124 Emmy nominations. Please update the article! Please look here: --Stegosaurus Rex (talk) 19:03, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

Guest stars[edit]

  • Can we all do something about the guest stars section? Neither it nor the various separate articles in the subsections are sourced. It's all listcruft, if you ask me. THE AMERICAN METROSEXUAL 05:40, 31 August 2009 (UTC)


mirroring the entire cast article in this one is rediculous... it should be summarized, not reprinted... TheHYPO (talk) 07:39, 8 September 2009 (UTC)

Semiprotection review[edit]

  • 01:04, 29 February 2008 Jmlk17 protected ER (TV series) ‎ (Far too many issues when unprotected. [edit=autoconfirmed:move=autoconfirmed])

That was 18 months ago, after the article had some attacks from IP-hopping POV pushers. I'd like to review that and see if semiprotection is still considered necessary. As well as welcoming opinions from regular editors, I have contacted Jmlk17, the protecting admin. --TS 15:45, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

Region 1 Season 12 release date[edit]

{{editsemiprotected}} Season 12 of ER will be released in region 1 (US) on January 12, 2010. [1]

Temporarilyme21 (talk) 02:02, 18 September 2009 (UTC)Temporarilyme21

 Done I used the ref from 'dignews', and hope that will be acceptable; I was unable to find the actual press-release that that article quotes, so if anyone objects, feel free to remove it until we can get a better source. I will email their PR person and try to get a better source too. Cheers,  Chzz  ►  05:54, 18 September 2009 (UTC)
More done - I emailed Warner, and they sent me a copy of the press release; by searching on it, I was able to add a convenience link to an online copy too.  Chzz  ►  05:25, 23 October 2009 (UTC)

Cast in infobox?[edit]

I think there should be a full list of the cast in the infobox. Pretty much every other TV show page on here does it. Chrisstone101 (talk) 22:01, 9 November 2009 (UTC)

The problem is that the main cast changed over time, so in my opinion, there is too many cast members to list in the infobox. Perhaps the longest-lasting characters could be added? It's just an idea.--The Taerkasten (talk) 15:42, 14 November 2009 (UTC)
MOS says all, so it's all or nothing. I agree they should all be there. I'd also argue that the top five should be the five male and female leads: Edwards, Marguilies, Wyle, Tierney and Visnjic, followed by the rest in order of appearance, but that's probably an invitation to edits, so order of cast entry is probably best.
I agree there is quite a long list of starring cast members, 26 I think? But the pages for other TV shows (I'm thinking the Lost page or The Sopranos) list all starring cast members from over their lifetime and they have about 25/26 people listed. The Wire has nearly 40! Personally I think it's quite important to have the cast there for all to see. If it does happen I think it should be in order of seniority i.e. the order they became part of the starring cast. So Edwards, Clooney, Stringfield, Wyle, La Salle, then Margulies, then Reuben, then Innes etc etc etc. Chrisstone101 (talk) 12:24, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

Formatting of cast lists[edit]

People who revert a page back to it's `original' format should not be surprised when their `reverts' are themselves reverted. Get over yourselves people or you may find Wikipedia descending even farther than it is into the realm of misfit 12 year olds with nothing else better to do with their time. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:03, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

A "put up and shut up, I know better" approach to editing will get you nowhere. Please review WP:CIVIL and work within the Wikipedia standard for consensus. Drmargi (talk) 21:30, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

Current issues[edit]

I do not believe the lead summarises the content adequately. It should be at least 2-3 paragraphs, especially if this is to become GA one day. See other TV series' articles, Friends, The X-Files, Scrubs and House, which happens to be FA. Refs do seem adequate except for the lack, thereof, in the format, home video, soundtrack, and other media sections.--The Taerkasten (talk) 18:41, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

Audience Ratings Rankings[edit]

Are those rankings correct per season? I don't recall anybody watching/talking about this show when it was on, believe it or not. Just wondering. Apple8800 (talk) 15:32, 17 January 2011 (UTC)

That's a valid question, but we go with what the sources say.--TÆRkast (Communicate) 17:32, 17 January 2011 (UTC)

Then you must be very young or lived under a rock, because ER was probably the dominant drama of the 90s and the original "must see TV" bait for NBC. Still popular well into its tenth season, although it nosedived precipitously after that. I do recall being surprised one day that it was still on the air in 2008 when I came across an episode. The photos of the original cast and final season cast are great side by side; most people remember all the original cast and that's what they think of when ER is mentioned. I'd bet most folks couldn't name or recall a single member of the final season's cast. The producers tried a "diversity strategy" the last couple of seasons to make the show appeal to a younger demographic. A few characters aside, the classic run of ER was pretty white. But it didn't work. (talk) 01:58, 20 September 2014 (UTC)TexxasFinn

second most nominated show[edit]

Considering that SNL is the most nominated show, its not really fair to say ER is the second most nominated since you really can't have a drama program compete with a skit show. I'd say its better to just say its the most nominated drama show in history. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 06:39, 23 September 2011 (UTC)

County General Hospital in ER[edit]

I think we probably should make the page of fictional County General Hospital from ER. I mean, the fictional notable staff members and it's history. I don't it will happened, but maybe we should make the page about that hospital in ER. BattleshipMan (talk) 08:02, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

music on ER[edit]

Season 1

"24 Hours" - Precious (Annie Lennox) 
Carter witnesses a birth on the first day of his ER rotation.
"Day One" - That Old Black Magic (Sammy Davis Jr.) 
A man sings to his dying wife.
"Going Home" - Nice 'N Easy (Frank Sinatra)
'Madame X' and her granddaughter sing together.
"Blizzard" - His Eye is on the Sparrow (Charles Hutchinson Gabriel and Civilla D. Martin)
Haleh sings to calm down a little girl in the chaotic ER.
"The Gift" - It's My Party (Leslie Gore)
Mark, Haleh, and Lydia sing to calm down a psychiatric patient.
"The Gift" - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Rosemary Clooney)
'Madame X' returns for an encore performance.
"Full Moon, Saturday Night" - Twist and Shout (Isley Brothers)
Carter dedicates this song to Susan, and they dance together after a long night.
"Men Plan, God Laughs" - Um, Um, Um (Major Lance)
Jeanie and Peter talk at a restaurant.
"Motherhood" - Blackbird (The Beatles)
Little Susie is born.
"Everything Old is New Again" - Tequilla (Champs)
Carol dances at the reception of her non-wedding to Tag.

Season 2

"And Baby Makes Two" - O Happy Day (Gospel)
The staff celebrates Kerry Weaver's day off.
"And Baby Makes Two" - Blackbird (The Beatles)
Susan sings to calm a crying little Susie.
"Hell and High Water" - Um, Um, Um (Major Lance)
Doug listens to music on his car radio.
"Home" - Take a Letter, Maria (Greaves)
Shep and Carol discover that she has a fireplace in her house.
"A Miracle Happens Here" - Carol of the Bells
County's recovery staff sings in the ER.
"A Miracle Happens Here" - Twelve Days of Christmas
Carol persuades the ER staff to join her in singing a Christmas carol.
"A Miracle Happens Here" - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Mike Finnegan) 
Played during the ending montage.
"The Match Game" - Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood & the Destroyers)
Mark arrives at work on his new motorcycle.
"John Carter, M.D." - If You Want Me to Stay (Sly & the Family Stone)
County's staff groves to this song at the admin desk.
"John Carter, M.D." - June is Busting Out All Over (Carousel)
A patient bares all as she sings in the middle of the ER.

Season 3

"Let the Games Begin" - Duke of Earl (Gene Chandler)
The ER staff celebrates upon hearing that County will remain open.
"Let the Games Begin" - Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf)
Carol borrows Mark's motorcycle to ride to her house.
"Last Call" - Wild Angels (Martina McBride)
Jeanie is the envy of all the nurses as she dances with Mickey.
"Ghosts" - Love Potion (The Searchers)
Haleh shows off her singing talent at the Halloween party.
"Ghosts" - Bewitched (Ella Fitzgerald)
Haleh sings some more as Mark and Susan step out on the dance floor together.
"Fear of Flying" - Locomotion (Little Eva)
Doug runs into Carol at Doc Magoos, where William is helping her study.
"No Brain, No Gain" - My Blue Heaven (Fats Domino)
Drs. Anspaugh, Carter, and Okida sing kareoke together.
"Who's Appy Now?" - Ride of the Valkyries (Richard Wagner)
Carter's 'special music' while performing an appendectomy on Benton.
"Who's Appy Now?" - Mack the Knife (Bobby Darin)
Another song played while Carter operated on Benton.
"Faith" - Conga (Gloria Estefan)
County's nurses celebrate their new contracts.
"Calling Dr. Hathaway" - Everyday I Write the Book (Elvis Costello)
The nurses spend a night out together.
"Make a Wish" - Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (Allan Sherman)
Doug and Carol try to sooth a young boy.
"Make a Wish" - Desperately Wanting (Better than Erza)
Doug throws a surprise party for Carol's birthday.

Season 4

"Fathers and Sons" - Pony Boy (Allman Brothers Band)
Mark and Doug take a road trip out west.
"Fathers and Sons" - Queen of Hearts (Gregg Allman)
Mark and Doug discuss their relationships with their fathers.
"Fathers and Sons" - Take Five (Dave Brubeck)
Doug sits in his father's car.
"Freak Show" - At Last (Etta James)
Mark and Cynthia between the sheets.
"Do You See What I See?" - Do You Hear What I Hear (Gladys Knight and the Pips)
Played during the episode's closing montage.
"Sharp Relief" - Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears)
Peter and Elizabeth play darts together.
"Sharp Relief" - That's Life (Frank Sinatra)
Peter and Elizabeth share a dance.
"Sharp Relief" - Heat Wave (Martha Reeves and the Vandellas)
Doug explains his plans to elope to Mark at Doc Magoos.
"Carter's Choice" - Walking on the Sun (Smash Mouth)
Carter walks to work in the snow.
"A Bloody Mess" - Crucify (Tori Amos)
Girls' night out with Elizabeth, Anna, and Carol.
"Gut Reaction" - That's Amore (Dean Martin)
County sings at the ER banquet.
"Gut Reaction" - Good Riddance [Time of Your Life] (Green Day)
Jeanie and Scotty Anspaugh sing his favorite song.
"Shades of Gray" - Simple Gifts (Judy Collins) 
While in the shower, Jeanie prepares a song for Scott's funeral.
"Shades of Gray" - Good Riddance [Time of Your Life] (Green Day)
Jeanie sing's Scott's special song at his funeral.
"Shades of Gray" - Night Life (Aretha Franklin)
Peter and Elizabeth get it on.

Season 5

"Day For Knight" - Samba Pa Ti (Santana)
After a long first day, Lucy watches County celebrate Jerry's birthday.
"Split Second" - Equinox (John Coltrane)
Peter plays this music, hoping Reese might respond to the sound.
"They Treat Horses, Don't They?" - Ruby (Jimmy Smith)
Carter and Roxanne dance together in his room.
"Vanishing Act" - The Oogum Boogum Song (Brenton Wood)
Doug and Carol discuss the possiblity of having kids.
"Masquerade" - Dragula (Rob Zombie)
The party at Carter and Lucy's dorm gets wild.
"Masquerade" - Theme from Shaft (Isaac Hayes)
Peter and Elizabeth cruise around the town in their Halloween costumes.
"Stuck on You" - I Can't Help It (Betty Carter)
Carter arrives at Kerry's looking for a place to live.
"Hazed and Confused" - Ring of Fire (Grace Jones)
Carter wakes up to this tune at Kerry's
"The Good Fight" - Under the Boardwalk (The Drifters)
Carter and Lucy finally find the man they're looking for.
"The Miracle Worker" - O Come, All Ye Faithful
Played during the ending sequence.
"Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee" - My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl Crow)
Carter and Roxanne in bed together.
"Double Blind" - Master of Puppets (Metallica)
One of the songs Jerry played at the admin desk.
"Double Blind" - Space Oddity (David Bowie)
Mark contemplates taking a job with NASA.
"Choosing Joi" - Heat Wave (Martha Reeves and the Vandellas)
Kerry and Elizabeth discuss a possible lawsuit against Romano.
"The Storm Part I" - Resuscitation (Sheryl Crow)
Carter and Lucy kiss.

Season 6

"Truth & Consequences" - I Second that Emotion (Smokey Robinson and the Miracles)
Carter and Elaine say goodbye at Doc Magoos.
"Great Expectations" - Wondering Where the Lions Are (Bruce Cockburn)
Carol gets ready for work on the day her twins are born.
"How the Finch Stole Christmas" - Sleigh Ride
Carol deals with being a single mom.
"How the Finch Stole Christmas" - Happy X-Mas [The War is Over] (John Lennon)
Lucy sits at Valerie Page's bedside after a successful operation.
"Be Still My Heart" - The Surry With the Fringe on Top (Oklahoma!)
Mark sings while he shaves before work.
"Be Still My Heart" - My Kind of Town (Frank Sinatra)
Mark, Elizabeth, David, and Isabelle go out to dinner together.
"Be Still My Heart" - They Call the Wind Mariah (Kingston Trio)
David Greene impresses everyone with his singing.
"Be Still My Heart" - I Remember it Well (Gigi)
David and Isabelle sing together.
"Be Still My Heart" - Battleflag (Lo-Fidelity Allstars)
Carter and Lucy are stabbed during the ER Valentine's Day party.
"All in the Family" - More Today than Yesterday (Spiral Staircase)
Another song played at the party.
"All in the Family" - Pianoman (Billy Joel)
Mark and Elizabeth sing together until they are both paged.
"All in the Family" - Tell Me Something Good (Rufus & Chaka Khan)
ER staff members gather at Doc Magoo's.
"All in the Family" - A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum)
Chuny arrives at Doc Magoo's with some bad news.
"All in the Family" - Samba Pa Ti (Santana)
The staff reacts to the news that Lucy is gone.
"Be Patient" - Love (Nat King Cole) 
Elizabeth catches her mother with Mark's father.
"Under Control" - I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby (Annette Hanshaw)
Carol sings a lullaby to calm her twins down.
"Under Control" - Bookends (Simon & Garfunkel)
Mark and his father look at old slides.
"Viable Options" - My Life Story (Angie Stone)
Peter and Cleo make out on the stairs.
"Match Made in Heaven" - Isn't She Lovely (Stevie Wonder)
Carol and Luka spend time with the twins at Doc Magoos.
"The Fastest Year" - Bookends (Simon & Garfunkel)
Mark and his father go out on the lake together.
"Such Sweet Sorrow" - Letting the Cables Sleep (Bush)
Played during the opening montage.
"Such Sweet Sorrow" - Taking You Home (Don Henley)
Carol and Doug are reunited at last.

Season 7

"Sand and Water" - Sand and Water (Beth Nielsen Chapman)
Played during the episode's closing montage.
"Mars Attacks" - Indra (Thievery Corporation)
Carter arrives at County for his first day back.
"Benton Backwards" - Blue in Green (Miles Davis)
Luka and Abby's first date.
"Rescue Me" - It's Now or Never (Elvis Presley)
Sung by a patient in chairs.
"Rescue Me" - Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Elvis Presley)
Another song sung by the same patient.
"Rescue Me" - Rescue Me (Fontella Bass)
Kerry sings along in the shower.
"The Greatest of Gifts" - The First Noel (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
Carter trudges home after a long night, only to be called back in to help Chen.
"The Greatest of Gifts" - Baby Mine (Bette Midler)
Chen watches as the adoptive mother of her son sings to him. 
"The Greatest of Gifts" - Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!(Dean Martin)
Mark & Elizabeth reflect on their day. 
"Piece of Mind" - Butterfly (Crazytown)
Dan and Paul Harris listen to the radio before getting hit by a garbage truck.
"Rock, Paper, Scissors" - How Sweet it is to Be Loved By You (Temptations)
Kerry and Kim meet at Doc Magoo's.
"Surrender" - Silver Lining (Amanda Ghost)
After a difficult day, Kerry goes to Kim for comfort.
"Thy Will Be Done" - Hanging By a Moment (Lifehouse)
Abby prepares for her outing with Carter.
"Thy Will Be Done" - World Looking In (Morcheeba)
Carter waits while Abby gets ready for the charity event.
"A Walk in the Woods" - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)
Luka watches as the bishop prepares to attend an ordination.
"A Walk in the Woods" - Veni Creator (Gregorian Chant)
Luka observes the ordination.
"A Walk in the Woods" - Litany of Saints (Chant)
Carter watches helplessly as a boy with measles dies; Luka recalls tragic events in Croatia.
"Witch Hunt" - Chemistry (Semisonic)
Carter and Rena have lunch at Doc Magoo's.
"Survival of the Fittest" - Last Resort (Papa Roach)
A teenageer impresses his classmates by playing this song over a cell phone.
"Survival of the Fittest" - Happy Together (The Turtles)
Mark feeds Elizabeth ice cream after a long day in the OR.
"April Showers" - Trumpet Voluntary (Purcell)
Mark and Elizabeth's wedding.
"Sailing Away" - Come Sail Away (Styx)
Mark dances and sings as he makes a mobile for his new baby.
"Sailing Away" - Trouble (Kristen Hersh)
Carter and Abby drive to Oklahoma to find her mother.
"Sailing Away" - O Very Young (Cat Stevens)
On their way back to Chicago, Abby apologizes to Carter for bringing him along.
"Sailing Away" - Babylon (David Gray)
Carter and Abby discuss his breakup with Rena.
"Sailing Away" - Hanging By a Moment (Lifehouse)
Carter and Abby arrive back in Chicago and realize Maggie has overdosed.
"Fear of Commitment" - Good Friday (Cowboy Junkies)
Abby takes a smoking break while at her mother's commitment hearing.
"Fear of Commitment" - I Will Take Care of You (Bangles)
Luka and Abby share an evening together until Maggie shows up.

Season 8

"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" - Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Carter listens to music in Gamma's backyard.
"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" - Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Cake)
Abby retrieves her belongings from Luka's apartment.
"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" - L.V.D.B (Abandoned Pools)
Rachel listens to loud music on her walkman.
"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" - Escape [The Pina Colada Song] (Rupert Holmes)
Malucci flirts with a paramedic in the elevator.
"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" - Brandy [You're a Fine Girl] (Looking Glass)
Malucci desperately tries to save a man with a bleeding ulcer in the elevator.
"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" - Afternoon Delight (Starland Vocal Band)
Malucci continues to work on the sick man.
"Never Say Never" - Everybody Got Their Something (Nikka Costa)
Kerry visits a gay bar after a long day at work.
"Supplies and Demands" - Down With the Sickness (Disturbed)
Rachel ignores a screaming Ella.
"Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain" - I Think it's Going to Rain Today (Randy Newman)
Kerry leaves the ER in the rain.
"Quo Vadis?" - Hero (Enrique Iglesias)
Played in the promo.
"I'll Be Home For Christmas" - A Long Way From Home (Joe Sample)
Played at the end as Benton leaves.
"Beyond Repair" - Battleflag (Lo-Fidelity Allstars)
Carter reacts to seeing Sobriki again.
"Beyond Repair" - Rock and Roll All Nite (KISS)
Kerry and Sandy go to a hockey game.
"Damage is Done" - Get This Party Started (Pink)
Rachel plays with Ella.
"A Simple Twist of Fate" - This Woman's Work (Kate Bush)
Played in the Australian promo; Mark discovers his tumor is back.
"A Simple Twist of Fate" - Easy Tonight (Five For Fighting)
Luka attacks Brian in a bar.
"It's All in Your Head" - This Woman's Work (Kate Bush)
Played in the Australian promo.
"It's All in Your Head" - Ain't That a Kick in the Head (Dean Martin)
Mark visits New York and discovers the tumor is back.
"It's All in Your Head" - Calling Dr. Love (KISS)
Luka avoids a ticket by faking an emergency.
"Secrets and Lies" - Prelude to a Kiss (Duke Ellington)
Carter and Susan talk about their future.
"Orion in the Sky" - Iris (Goo-Goo Dolls)
Played in the promo.
"Orion in the Sky" - Losing Hope (Jack Johnson)
Mark leaves the ER for the last time.
"Unleashed" [Third Watch Crossover] - Trying (Lifehouse)
Susan realizes Chloe has left.
"On the Beach" - Crawling in the Dark (Hoobastank)
Mark watches a sleeping Rachel.
"On the Beach" - Hello It's Me (Todd Rundgren)
Mark shows Rachel Battleship Row.
"On the Beach" - Imagine (John Lennon)
Mark and Rachel head towards the retreat house.
"On the Beach" - The Remedy (Abandoned Pools)
Rachel cries in her room.
"On the Beach" - One Step Closer (Linkin Park)
Rachel listens to music on the beach.
"On the Beach" - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole)
Mark sings a lullaby to Ella; Mark dies.
"Lockdown" - Fever (Peggy Lee)
Stan sings to Chen while they are quarantined.

Season 9

"Dead Again" - Think About Me (Goo Goo Dolls)
Carter and Abby shower together.
"Dead Again" - Pianoman (Billy Joel)
Elizabeth returns to the ER for the first time.
"Dead Again" - Don't Cry For Me Argentina 
Elizabeth heads down to the ER again.
"Insurrection" - Je Crois Entendre Encore (Georges Bizet)
A mother pulls the plug on her son.
"Insurrection" - Orbital (Frenetic)
Susan, Abby, and Chen enjoy a girl's night out.
"A Hopeless Wound" - The Promise (Tracy Chapman)
Elizabeth rides the train with Ella.
"One Can Only Hope" - Long Time Gone (Dixie Chicks)
Carter, Abby, Eric, and Jodi go out dancing.
"Tell Me Where it Hurts" - Shoot the Moon (Norah Jones)
Susan eats alone; Luka meets a prostitute at a bar.
"Next of Kin" - Harder to Breathe (Maroon 5)
Luka cashes a check from a patient.
"Hindsight" - Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Bruce Springsteen)
Luka and Erin ride just before their crash.
"Hindsight" - Your Love Gets Sweeter (Finley Quaye)
Played at the holiday party.
"Hindsight" - Greensleeves
Played by Abby's snow globe.  — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:48, 10 February 2014 (UTC) 

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Robert Romano[edit]

Those who previously edited an ER article, may be interested in the above discussion. —Roman Spinner (talk)(contribs) 02:20, 11 July 2015 (UTC)

Response to Mikeblas comment dated 13:26, 9 July 2015 (UTC) at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Robert Romano[edit]

I did not describe "deletionism" as a negative mindset in my previous comments, nor did I invent the term. It has been part of Wikipedia culture for a good number of years and has its own fairly extensive MetaWiki entry here, as a counterpoint to "inclusionism", which has an equally extensive MetaWiki entry here, along with Wikipedia's own entry, Deletionism and inclusionism in Wikipedia. As far as accepting evidence that people behave in a certain way, it will suffice to also take your own words at face value, "It would be great to delete all of the fan-cruft at once". No time for judicious editing — a 13,291 byte entry which had existed for eight years and provided information about a major character on a top-rated network series is completely wiped out, thus depriving Wikipedia users of that information. Presumably those who care to find information about this character can do what they like — go to other TV websites or to the Robert Romano entry in Italian Wikipedia or Swedish Wikipedia and use translation software. In the same manner that literary characters have their own articles (Category:Literary characters), so do characters from pop culture. The articles describing TV characters are based upon their respective series' own plotlines, and thus are no more "in-universe, original fan-written essays" than articles presenting book, film or TV series plot lines. Since you feel I leave no room for views which disagree with mine, so it would seem that your own opinions on this topic are equally rigid. —Roman Spinner (talk)(contribs) 08:38, 13 July 2015 (UTC)

Filming style[edit]

If someone ever feels like writing a section about the filming style of ER, here are two sources:

--Sofffie7 (talk) 14:31, 15 August 2015 (UTC)

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Removing image of Ray Liotta[edit]

An editor has removed the image of Ray Liotta that has appeared in the article for some time, noting his single appearance does not merit the picture in the cast section. The caption notes Liotta is one of many notable actors who made guest appearances on the show at a time in their careers when they rarely did television, among them Sally Field, Susan Sarandon, Forest Whitaker (who won an Oscar that same year), Liotta, and a sizable number more. That bears mention in the article, and one image is not unreasonable. I have restored the image, and believe it should remain in the article given the nature of ER's guest casting over the years. ----Dr.Margi 02:55, 25 May 2017 (UTC)

Ray Liotta is not a member of the cast and his picture does not belong the main article page. He was in one episode of 331 and one of hundreds of guest stars. Put him on the page of whatever season he was on. This argument is beyond irritating and makes the whole Wikipedia experience very unpleasant. Sandylouise (talk) 08:30, 29 May 2017 (UTC)
And by the way, there is no such caption as the "doctor" states and there is no mention of guest stars on the main page. F*%@ Sandylouise (talk) 08:35, 29 May 2017 (UTC)
This is your opinion. The community works on consensus. Given that the image has been in place for some considerable time, I'd say the community disagrees with your opinion. An editor disagreeing with you, and expecting you to abide by policy is so upsetting that you're this angry, far better that you move on or find a more "pleasant" (read: non-controversial) article to edit. Moreover, the mention of guest cast is in the cast section. (Oh, and no need for quotes around the title doctor where I am concerned; I earned the title and am entitled to use it.) ----Dr.Margi 09:16, 29 May 2017 (UTC)
One would think that a doctor would have something better to do than sit around for 10 years getting into editing wars on Wikipedia, and would be smart enough to use reason instead falling back on "that's the way it's always been" in order to have their way. Also, you changed the caption. And yes the guest cast is in the CAST SECTION, NOT the MAIN ARTICLE. I continue with this because I don't like to be bullied. And because I'm right. Sandylouise (talk) 17:02, 29 May 2017 (UTC)
If you want to trade insults, go somewhere else. If you want to have a calm, reasonable discussion, I'm happy to do so. Doesn't matter if you think you're right. What matters is whether you can gain consensus for your change. I don't have to reason; that burden is on you.
The cast section is part of the main article, and the image is in the cast section of the main article, alongside the paragraph that the image supports. Right where it belongs. Oh, and before you make accusations, show me the link to where I changed the caption. Otherwise, entertain the idea you didn't read it carefully. ----Dr.Margi 18:42, 29 May 2017 (UTC)
You are incapable of having a reasonable discussion. You are incapable of having a discussion. All you do is hit the revert button, taking it upon yourself to be the Wiki police or something. You even said "I don't have to reason" and then you go on to give a reason. I don't even think you know what it means. I don't even think you think, "Doctor"
I have given plenty of good reasons why Liotta's picture shouldn't be on the main article page but don't listen to can only revert revert revert. Utterly unreasonable. And who are you to tell me to go somewhere else? Why don't you take your own advice? Sandylouise (talk) 19:15, 1 June 2017 (UTC)
In other words, nothing new toward meeting your burden to gain consensus. Please read WP:CONSENSUS, WP:BRD and WP:STATUSQUO. That's all the reason to revert I need. Absent consensus, the picture stays. Oh, and then read WP:NPA. ----Dr.Margi 20:22, 1 June 2017 (UTC)

Consensus? Nobody even cares, except me, who actually looks at that page. You are just being a bully who must have their way. Sandylouise (talk) 07:02, 3 June 2017 (UTC)

Et tu? You can try to wiggle out of the burden to gain consensus any way you want, but it's still yours. ----Dr.Margi 07:54, 3 June 2017 (UTC)
FWIW, I see only two voices here arguing over it, so let me add a neutral third / potentially-tie-breaker: It makes absolutely no sense on the page. Liotta's not a "HUGE" movie-only star, he wasn't a star that had a memorable guest-arc, etc., etc., all of which exist in the show's history and could be evoked. This should probably be removed. DBalling (talk) 13:52, 27 September 2017 (UTC)

@Sandylouise: Liotta's appearance in 2004 qualifies as a "rare television appearance" as stated in the main article and his image is an example as such. Move on. — Wyliepedia 09:48, 3 June 2017 (UTC)

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